Gizinta and Campus Sync Engine

Over the last year we have spent a lot of time working on Gizinta – a free set of data loading tools for Esri’s ArcGIS and Safe Software’s FME.

Gizinta has started to take off, and a number of end user projects, business partners, and Vertex3 projects are using it with good success. There has been a steady set of questions and it is a useful library for developers. We have some ideas about how to make this more accessible, and have done some work with a local tech incubator and had feedback from you about what a Gizinta Pro app might look like. Stay tuned – and send along any ideas you have.

Another exciting project is the Campus Sync Engine. It builds on the basics of the Gizinta approach, and provides a pre-built set of tools to sync floorplan drawings to an Enterprise Facilities Management database. We are in the early stages of commercializing that technology in partnership with the University of Washington in Seattle.

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