Chromite – A Simple, Configurable Javascript App

In 2012 I developed an application for the City of Greater Sudbury. They were looking for something simple and configurable, and they wanted to re-purpose it for different City departments quickly.

At the same time we were working on the project, a new $3B Chromite mine was announced in Sudbury, so the project got a name…

Try Chromite

It does search, email, and print. It meets the goals of simplicity and manageability, and it does some really interesting things to make Search work at a technical level.

The key part of this app is that the Parks and Recreation data is all loaded into a single Search feature class, and all of the searching, popups, and configuration is driven by data contained in the search feature service – which is published on ArcGIS Online.

The code and FME tools to manage the search service are all available if you are interested.

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