X-Ray Release slightly overshadowed by Facebook IPO

The new X-Ray AddIns for ArcGIS were released May 18. It was a day where the noise around the Facebook IPO was much louder… update my status to “Yawn”.

If you don’t already know, X-Ray provides GIS tools that help some hard-working people build better maps and geodatabases. They were designed and built by people that do this kind of work – for people that do this kind of work.

We don’t know any Irish rock stars or Harvard students that got dumped recently. I doubt we even have an elevator pitch that VC’s would think is worth more than a few beers.

But if you are the kind of person that would like to see if there are any differences between your test and production geodatabases, or if you need to make sure you made the right set of changes to your map document before re-caching the world at 1:24k scale, you will be interested in the new X-Ray. In fact, if you understood the last sentence you should take a look…

It’s fun to talk about whether billionaires should wear hoodies or suits on their big IPO day, but when you are ready to get back to work you can get the Downloads Here.

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4 Responses to X-Ray Release slightly overshadowed by Facebook IPO

  1. Rob Feick says:

    Hi Steve:

    This is a bit of a shocker. I am sure that there are more people who use X-Ray than this Facebook thing.

    Thanks for latest update.



  2. Jörg says:

    Very nice tool! It is the first tool I know which is able to update an existing feature class by using XML workspace documents.
    Can I use the geoprocessing tools from X-Ray in my own geoprocessing scripts? How can I do that?
    The menu items “Export from geodatabase” and “Open XML Workspace” are disabled all the time in my case, but the shortcut icons are working.

    Thanks Jörg

  3. Steve says:

    Good question – see the next blog post for info about how to use the Geoprocessing tools. Also if the tools/comboboxes in ArcCatalog are not updating for you, please make sure the Extension is Enabled in ArcCatalog.

  4. Excellent write-up. I certainly love this site. Stick with it!

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