New X-Ray for ArcGIS – Close to Release

Yes, I know I haven’t been blogging much, but it doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy. Over the last 6 months I have been working away on a significant set of enhancements to X-Ray tools that I started developing while working at Esri. The tools provide practical improvements to ArcCatalog and ArcMap to help users to build better maps and Geodatabases faster.

A few key points:

    1. X-Ray is made up of 2 free ArcGIS Desktop Addins that you can download from
    2. It will be a supported part of ArcGIS, specifically ArcGIS for Local Government.
    3. The new release has 10 major enhancements based on real user needs defined by people building ArcMap Documents and Geodatabases.

It has been a fun and challenging project, and several team members have been using it over the last few months in our project work.

The list of enhancements is:

  1. Analyze and apply Geodatabase differences
  2. Replace Field (GP Script)
  3. Reorder Fields (GP Script)
  4. Check reserved fields and other naming conventions
  5. Save As/Run As GP script
  6. Additional Map Documentation Tools
  7. Update Data Dictionary / Poster Tools
  8. Manage Workspace Descriptions / Documentation
  9. Localization – alternate languages (GDB)
  10. Localization – alternate languages (Maps)

We are hoping to get a release out in the next month. If you are interested in an early preview please let me know

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4 Responses to New X-Ray for ArcGIS – Close to Release

  1. Stu Rich says:

    Really looking forward to the updated version of the X-Ray tools! Tremendously useful for anyone who is involved in data model design or data migration work. Excited to get a look at the new version!

  2. Gil says:

    Hi Steve,

    Looking forward to get the new release.


  3. Jason Clemis says:

    This tool has really been a time saver when it comes to documenting a geodatabase. I appreciate that you are keeping X-Ray current with the new releases of ArcGIS. Looking forward to the enhancements.

  4. David Blankinship says:

    Long time listener, first time caller… Love me some Steve Grise – can’t wait for the new tool!

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