Updated X-Ray on ArcGIS.com

Just prior to the ESRI User Conference we posted an updated X-Ray for ArcCatalog tool on ArcGIS.com.

There aren’t any major changes in this version, but there is an important fix for people that have Resolution set in spatial references that is not equal to 1/Tolerance. The ArcGIS default is 1/Tolerance so if you always accept the defaults in your spatial references (Recommended) you won’t have to worry about this.

I also made several fixes, including one to prompt users if they try to import and XML Workspace that hasn’t been saved. I’ve had a number of support/functional questions that turned out to be people forgetting to save changes before importing.

Here is a summary of changes:

1. Resolution not always being correctly set. Occurs when resolution not equal to 1/tolerance (non-default setting)
2. Should prompt user to save if spreadsheets are newer than XML when user selects Import.
3. If domain names contain any special characters Excel will not open unless the chars are removed
4. If a Geodatabase contains tools an error is raised when attempting to export to XML.
5. Handle multiple fonts with Bold style in worksheets to ensure title elements are processed correctly
6. Sometimes when selecting datasets/browsing in Catalog the X-Ray buttons are set to not sensitive.
7. XMLValidator logic is not correct for checking for SQL Reserved words
8. When selecting a folder sometimes the XML selection will change to .xml

If you have other enhancement requests please use this form:

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