Strategies and Solutions
Vertex3 builds success in client organizations using GIS and related technologies. Since 2009 we have successfully delivered close to 100 projects for more than 50 organizations. We’re a small company with a big impact through many partnerships, a deep industry network, and years of experience delivering value.

Thought leaders engage Vertex3 to help turn big ideas into working solutions.

Our strategy projects help to align resources and implementation plans with corporate objectives. In the last several years, most of our work in this area has been with Canadian Municipalities including GIS Strategies, GIS and Asset Data Management Plans, and Web Strategies.

To gain efficiencies, many organizations are becoming more data-driven and are actively building their next-generation data platform. Today, existing Enterprise databases and solutions are increasingly integrated with cloud-based solutions and architectures. Vertex3 has worked with many government organizations, businesses, and academic institutions to design future architectures, data models, and applications.

Our expertise in collaborative data design is helping clients to break down traditional data silos and build data platforms that support the data organizations need. You won’t find another consultant with more experience designing geospatial data platforms that integrate data from multiple sources and partners.

Vertex3 is engaged by clients to help with their most challenging technical tasks and has expertise in ArcGIS, Safe Software FME, Python, .NET, Javascript, SQL databases, Geocortex, and many other technologies. We work collaboratively with your project team and with partners to build and sustain your solutions.

Clients often hire Vertex3 to develop disruptive technologies that change the way that users interact with data. We often build solutions to support new ideas and ways of doing business, and from strategy to programming we offer a unique skill set and great partnerships to get you there faster.